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Fodder fact sheets for Ethiopia

Fodder leaflets for Ethiopia In our sites in Ethiopia we find a knowledge gap when it comes to growing high quality fodder. Livestock in Ethiopia are largely kept for subsistence purposes and there is limited tradition of using high quality feeds to enhance productivity. As systems intensify, this is changing but there is a need for provision of simple information on how to establish, manage and utilize planted fodder.

With this in mind, local forage agronomist, Abate Tedla has taken existing information from ILRI’s Forage Diversity Project and added material on forage feeding aspects to yield a brand new set of 10 fact sheets for major fodder planted options for Ethiopia.

These are available in English, Oromiffa and Amharic and they are being distributed among farmers and experts we have been working with in our learning sites. Please contact us if you want copies.

Download the fact sheets here.

The Forage Diversity Unit at ILRI also has paper copies of various other fact sheets.

There are also fact sheets on the tropical forages database – a joint product from ILRI, CIAT and CSIRO completed around 2004.

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2 thoughts on “Fodder fact sheets for Ethiopia

  1. Grasspea (Lathyrus sativus) is a fodder crop in Ethiopia with a significant area of cultivation (see vetch in Ethiopian production statistics). Any chance of including a fact sheet for this species?

    • Dirk. Grasspea is considered a “food-feed” crop in Ethiopia and thus far we have been focusing fact sheets on forage crops for which less information is available. Thanks for the suggestion though – we will keep it in mind. Alan

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